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Toshiba/Vestel Partnership

Building on decades of technical know-how, Toshiba remains at the cutting-edge of essential design and must-have innovation. Tried, tested and affectionately prized by millions of people around the globe, this much-loved brand is still delivering the high quality and user-friendly TVs for which it has become so well-known.

Strengthened by their pan-European licensing agreement, Vestel and Toshiba have reinforced their manufacturing power and further extended their renowned engineering capabilities - all to bring viewers more value and more of the latest TV technologies.

Collaborating on new designs and innovation, both companies are working together to move the brand forward, combining their expertise and resource to ensure the creation of a dynamic and aspirational TV product range.

Whilst Toshiba's Japanese-led design team is still integral to the design of each TV, the vast manufacturing expertise and production capacity of Vestel is reinvigorating the brand proposition, driving the scale and volume required to deliver the genuine value for which Toshiba has always been known.